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Written by Nick Bolyard   
Thursday, 11 August 2011 17:46

As of January 2019:

  1. Linden Chapter was instituted on September 25, 1961.
  2. 1st building of meeting was located on Cleveland Ave. at Weber Road.
  3. Linden Lodge Petitioned for Linden’s Letters Permanent
  4. In the late 60s and into the early 70s, Linden Chapter was very large and would compete for a spot for their own Inspection
  5. In the 1970s, the Chapter consisted of the entire Gahanna Lincoln basketball team.
  6. In the 1980s, there were 11 different schools represented.
  7. August 3, 1983– Dad Dale Hall was Installed as the Master Councilor
  8. 1986– Dad Dale Hall becomes first State Master Councilor from Linden Chapter
  9. Early 90s– University Lodge builds Northwest Masonic Temple
  10. Linden Lodge tells Linden Chapter, under Dad Boyd, to move to Northwest Masonic Temple.
  11. August 2008 - Bro. Mark Chong is installed as the District Master Councilor. This began the reformation of the District Council.
  12. August 2009 - Bro. Nick Bolyard is installed as the District Senior Councilor.
  13. November 9, 2009– The first Linden-Connection was released. It was originally sent just as an e-mail with the upcoming events. The founder of the "Linden-Connection" was Bro. Nicholas Bolyard, with the help of Bro. Michael Martin, Bro. Daniel Hall, and the approval of the Advisory Council.
  14. March 2010 - Bro. Nick Bolyard is elevated to the office of District Master Councilor for the 4th District Council. He held this position until June 2010, when the 4th District Council went dormant due to the District having only three Chapters.
  15. July 17, 2010 at University of Akron - Two Linden members become state officers, Bro. Mark Chong (State Senior Deacon), and Bro. Nick Bolyard (State Marshal). Linden was the only chapter to have more than one state officer that year.
  16. April 29, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois- Members of Linden Chapter travel to Heartland Ritual Competition, taking home several individual championships and winning in the Preceptor Corps competition.
  17. July 16, 2011 at Kent State University– Two Linden members are installed as elected officers for Ohio. Bro. Nicholas Bolyard, State Scribe, and Bro. Marcus Chong, Deputy State Master Councilor. Bro. Bolyard was the first State Scribe from Linden Chapter.
  18. October 14, 2011 in Cleveland, OH- Dad Steve Cokonougher elected to be Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Dad Brian Bolyard is selected to be a District Deputy Grand Master of the 14th Masonic District, and Dad Crowell Shane is selected to be a District Education Officer of the 14th Masonic District.
  19. November 7, 2011, Northwest Masonic Temple, Worthington, OH- Linden Chapter's Semi-Annual Installation of Officers. But this was no regular Installations. While most Chapters would have PMCs and State Officers come in to be the Installing Team, Linden Chapter was able to have the entire Installing Team consist of Past Master Councilors of Linden Chapter. The Installing Team was: IO- Mark Chong, DSMC ; ISC- Nick Bolyard, State Scribe ; IJC- Michael Martin ; Installing Marshal- Daniel Hall, SMC-CCR ; Installing Chaplain- Michael Tung ; ISD- Brandon Carpenter
  20. November 19, 2011 in Van Wert, OH- Members of Linden Chapter participate in State Ritual Competition. We had 12 individual champions, 4 team championships, AND we won the Chapter Supremacy and the Mr. Ritual! What a day in the Linden Chapter history!!
  21. November 21, 2011- Linden Chapter, for the first time ever, now has every office filled. Every office is also filled with an active member!
  22. January 6, 2012- Two more members of Linden Chapter become State Officers. Bro. Michael Tung became State Marshal, and Bro. Michael Martin became State Standard Bearer. With these two appointments, Linden Chapter had four state officers. There were only eleven state officers for the 2011-2012 term, and four were from Linden.
  23. April 28, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois—Members of Linden Chapter travel to Chicago and take home two team Championships, along with three runner-up finishes and six individual championships at Heartland Ritual Competition
  24. July 20, 2012 at Kent State University- Bro. Marcus H. Chong was elected to be the State Master Councilor of Ohio DeMolay.
  25. July 21, 2012 at Kent State University- Bro. Marcus H. Chong was installed as the State Master Councilor. He is the second State Master Councilor of Ohio DeMolay. Dad Dale Hall was the first. Bro. Nicholas A. Bolyard becomes the first Past State Scribe from Linden Chapter. Bro. Michael Martin was installed as State Chaplain, and Bro. Michael Tung was installed as State Junior Deacon.
  26. October 27, 2012 in Newark, Ohio - Linden Chapter won Ritual Supremacy at State Ritual Competition. We also honored our State Master Councilor, Bro. Mark Chong.
  27. March 17, 2013 in Louisville, KY - A group of members from Linden Chapter travel to the Old South Tournament of Champions Ritual Competition and won in the DeMolay Degree, and various members won in individual competitions.
  28. April 21, 2013 in Chicago, IL - Linden Chapter travels to Heartland Ritual Competition and wins Preceptor Corps, Runner-Up in DeMolay Degree, and won in various individual competitions. Linden was an integral part of Ohio winning the third straight Jurisdictional Supremacy Award.
  29. May 20, 2013 - Only nine days after entering a new term, Linden Chapter initiates 7 new members into the organization. This is the biggest class that Linden has had in over 10 years!
  30. July 27, 2013 - Linden Chapter PMC Mark Chong becomes the 2nd Past State Master Councilor of Ohio DeMolay from Linden. Bro. Chong also was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.
  31. July 19, 2014 - Chapter PMC Steven Lofland becomes the 2nd State Scribe in Linden Chapter history. Bro. Daniel Hall, a PMC-MSA was also appointed to the office of State 1st Preceptor.
  32. August 3, 2014 - Linden Chapter moves the stated meeting nights from the 1st and 3rd Monday nights to the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons. This decision was made after York Lodge moved into Northwest Masonic Temple.
  33. June 20, 2015 - Brother Nick Hall is selected and installed as the District Scribe for the 4th District Council. Bro. Hall is the first member of Linden Chapter since 2010 to become a District Officer.
  34. July 25, 2015 - Brother Steven Lofland becomes the 2nd Past State Scribe from Linden Chapter. Dad Bolyard, who had been Chapter Dad and Chairman of the Advisory Council at Linden Chapter, is appointed District Governor for the 4th DeMolay District.
  35. December 2017 - Brother Hayden Hunt receives the PMC-MSA. The first since Brother Daniel Hall in 2013! Linden Chapter initiated 7 new members in 2017!
  36. March 2018 - Linden Chapter initiates 5 new members in the Kevin Clouse Class - Honoring the Worshipful Master of Linden Lodge. WM Clouse's son, Casey, was in the class.
  37. July 2018 -Hayden Long receives the PMC-MSA. 17 Hours after the semi-annual installation, PMC Hayden Long is installed as the 4th District President. Three members of Linden Chapter serve on the District Line: Hayden Long (President), Hayden Hunt (Scribe), Cody Benton (Marshal). 5 members of Linden Chapter also receive the RD.
  38. July 2018 - At Conclave, Hayden Long is presented the Merlyn Meredith Award for Membership. Linden Chapter takes 7 members to Conclave, sporting chapter specific, "Removing the Doubt" t-shirts.
  39. December 2018 - Linden Chapter takes 10 members to Winterfest. In the year, Linden initiated 13 members in 2018, which led Ohio in total initiates. Linden finished in the Top 10 in the world, and helped Ohio obtain Positive Membership Growth for the first time since 2010. Hayden Long finished in the Top 10 in first line signers with 8 total.   

Past Master Councilors

Aiden McBride

Hayden Long, PMC-MSA

Cody Benton

Hayden Hunt, PMC-MSA

Esteban Arreola

Nick Hall

Aaron VanSlyck

Jonathan Parsons

Victor Arreola

Steven Lofland, PSScr.

Brandon Carpenter

Michael Martin

Daniel Hall, PMC-MSA

Michael Tung

Dominic McCort

Nicholas Bolyard, PSScr.

Matthew Short

Marcus Chong, PSMC

Brandon Bolyard

Andrew Bauman

Jeremy Iman

Gordon Ballou

Matthew Vitartas

Nathan Vitartas, PMC-MSA

Ryan Wheatley

Andy Eschelman

Michael Scott

Simon Reed

Todd Bailey

Rick Wickham

Dale Hall, PMC-MSA, PSMC

Past State Officers

Steven Lofland, Past State Scribe: 2014-2015 "Challenging the Doors of Time"

Daniel Hall

Marcus H. Chong, Past State Master Councilor: 2012-2013 "Be the Inspiration"

Michael Martin

Michael Tung

Nicholas A. Bolyard, Past State Scribe: 2011-2012 "Something Worth Remembering"

Brandon Bolyard

Andrew Bauman

Gordon Ballou

Dale Hall, Past State Master Councilor: 1986-1987

Recipients of the Chevalier

Gary Ballou*

Andrew Bauman

Brandon Bolyard

Nicholas Bolyard

Aaron Carpenter*

Brandon Carpenter

Marcus Chong

Dale Hall

Daniel Hall

Dave Hunt*

Steven Lofland

Michael Martin

Ian McBride*

Jerry Nieman*

Jonathan Parsons

Crowell Shane*

Matthew Short

Michael Tung

Nathan Vitartis

Ryan Wheatley

Recipients of the Legion of Honor

Dad Todd Bailey - Active Legion of Honor

Dad Dale Hall- Active Legion of Honor

Dad Ian McBride- Active Legion of Honor

Dad Crowell Shane- Active Legion of Honor

Dad Ryan Wheatley - Active Legion of Honor

Dad Gary Ballou- Active Legion of Honor

Dad Brian Bolyard- Honorary Legion of Honor

Dad Steve Cokonougher- Honorary Legion of Honor

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Mark Chong

Guild of the Leather Apron

Dad Dale Hall

*- Active as an Advisor at Linden Chapter, but received Chevalier from another Chapter.

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